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Episode #8: Hospitalised during his first ultra-marathon

While at his son’s first birthday, a couple of beverages down, Alex Whitlock was approached by a friend and asked to play rugby. He agreed, but only a few games later with broken ribs did he decide that rugby may not be his calling. Instead, it was the running during the games that he was enjoying.

Episode #8: Hospitalised during his first ultra-marathon
Alex Whitlock, Momentum Media
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In this episode of The Wellness Daily Show, Alex joins host James Mitchell to share how he has found a love for running, recounting on his first long distance run, a race that ended in an ambulance on route to a Hong Kong hospital.

Alex shares how his training regime has changed, the successes he has since had within the sport, and reflects on how an injury set him back but a shift in mindset got him back on track. He discusses the psychological benefits of running and how it has helped him to alter his inner voice to one of encouragement.