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Victoria pledges $10m to better support people with personality disorders

Victorians living with a severe personality disorder will soon have better access to the ongoing care and support they need.

Victoria pledges $10m to better support people with personality disorders
Martin Foley
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The Garden State’s Minister for Mental Health, Martin Foley, announced earlier this week almost $10 million in funding for the Personality Disorder Initiative, which is now being delivered at six Victorian health services, such as Alfred, Monash, Melbourne, Barwon and Goulburn Valley Health Services and Forensicare.

The program, the state government said in a statement, will help these services assess, treat and support people with severe personality disorders at high risk of suicide, self-harm and or challenging behaviours.

“It will also build the expertise and capability of the mental health workforce, creating an estimated 13 full-time positions for clinicians known as Specialist Personality Disorder Clinicians. The health services involved and Forensicare are offering the program in partnership with Victoria’s state-wide specialist personality disorder service, Spectrum.”

The Andrews government has “invested almost $10 million over four years to support the program”, it said.

Mr Foley added: “This initiative will ensure people who have a personality disorder and are struggling with their mental health can get care which is compassionate, responsive and ongoing.

“We all have a role to play in creating a mentally healthy community — one that is inclusive and supports recovery and programs like this help make that happen.

“We are ensuring Victorians with complex needs don’t fall through the cracks.”